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Bob Aaron has written more than 800 PROPERTY LAW columns on Saturdays in the real estate section of the TORONTO STAR.

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The law firm of Aaron & Aaron is located in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Together with a dedicated support staff, we offer superior legal service in the areas of Real Estate Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, and Wills & Estates. We also provide general legal advice.

At Aaron & Aaron, our practice focuses on Real Estate Law, specifically Purchase and Sale of Freehold, Condominium, Residential, Commercial, and Cottages and Rural Recreational properties; Leases and Offers to Lease, and Pre-Construction agreements.

Bob Aaron has been designated by the Law Society of Ontario as a Certified Specialist in real estate law.

He has also been qualified as an expert in real estate law in the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario, and that qualification was accepted by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

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Aaron & Aaron specialize in Real Estate Law, specifically Sale of Rental, Condominium, Residential, Rural Recreation, Offer to Lease, Commercial, and New Construction

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