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Wills & Estates

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning
  • drawing up of a Will or Codicil
  • drawing up of a Will or Codicil for a spouse which may or may not be on similar terms as that of the other spouse
  • drawing up of a Power of Attorney for property decisions or personal care decisions as part of an estate planning consultation including taking instructions and attending on signing
  • general review of client’s affairs and planning of estate, drawing Will, Powers of Attorney, trust instruments and/or other documents
Administration of Estates

In estates where there is an application for a certificate of appointment of an estate trustee and a trust company is not an estate trustee:

  • reviewing and advising on the deceased’s assets and liabilities, entitlement of creditors, beneficiaries and heirs, the terms of the Will, and the duties and rights of the estate trustee
    preparing the application for certificate of appointment of estate trustee
  • preparing documents to transfer assets of the deceased to the estate trustee
  • advising as to and preparing documents to distribute assets to beneficiaries
  • advising as to income tax returns for periods to the date of death; preparing and filing of these returns; settling the amount of tax and obtaining tax clearance for the period to the date of death
  • advising as to income tax returns to be filed by the estate trustee for the periods after the death of the deceased; preparing and filing these returns; settling the amount of tax and obtaining final tax clearance before final distribution of the estate
  • advising regarding the sale of assets by the estate trustee

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