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Star columnist appointed to Tarion board

Dec 13, 2008 | 2008 Toronto Star Columns

By Bob Aaron
Toronto Star contributing columnist

Bob Aaron

Bob Aaron bob@aaron.ca

December 13, 2008

Star columnist appointed to Tarion board

Long-time critic will serve three-year term

Gail Swainson
Real Estate Reporter

Lawyer and Toronto Star columnist Bob Aaron has been appointed to the board of Tarion, Ontario’s new home warranty program.

"I’ve personally known Bob for 30 years and he has a long career in real estate law and will be a great addition to the board because of his openness and candour," board chair Harry Herskowitz said.

Tarion regulates builders of new houses and condominiums. It has a mandate to protect homeowners by administering the Ontario new home warranty program.

A long time and vocal Tarion critic, Aaron was appointed to a three-year term last week by Small Business and Entrepreneurship Minister Harinder Takhar.

"Bob is an excellent addition to the Tarion Board as he brings extensive knowledge of the real estate marketplace and issues that impact Tarion to the table. His interest in strong consumer protection makes him a great advocate and strong voice on behalf of Ontario consumers," said Takhar.

"I’m deeply honoured by the appointment and by the confidence shown by Minister Takhar," said Aaron. "I hope to bring a consumer perspective to Tarion, as I have to my Star columns."

Aaron, a lawyer since 1972, was founder and former president of the Ontario Real Estate Lawyers Association and has been a weekly New in Homes columnist for the Star since 2000. In his columns, Aaron frequently chided Tarion for its occasional customer service lapses and policy shortcomings.

"I have not been a Tarion cheerleader, but although I have been a critic in the past, I have noticed a sea change under new CEO Howard Bogach and board chair Harry Herskowitz," Aaron said.

Herskowitz said Aaron is a welcome addition to the board.

"He’ll bring a critical analysis and will look at our policies and procedures with a fresh, fair eye."

Aaron is joining the 16-member board that includes former award-winning Toronto Star reporter Harold Levy.


Bob Aaron is a Toronto real estate lawyer. He can be reached by email at bob@aaron.ca, phone 416-364-9366 or fax 416-364-3818.
Visit the Toronto Star column archives at https://www.aaron.ca/columns for articles on this and other topics or his main webpage at www.aaron.ca.


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Bob Aaron is a Toronto real estate lawyer and frequent speaker to groups of home buyers and real estate agents.
He can be reached by email at bob@aaron.ca, phone 416-364-9366 or fax 416-364-3818.

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