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2009 Toronto Star Columns

Court ruling rattles home inspectors

The home inspection industry in Canada may never be the same again following the decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court last week in the case of Salgado v. Toth*. Back in September 2006, Manuel Salgado and Nora Calcaneo signed an agreement to buy a house in...

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Privacy at home focus of much court debate

Just how much privacy can a person expect in the comfort of
his or her own home, free from any government intrusion? That was the
question considered in August by a three-judge panel of the Alberta
Court of Appeal. The case involved the home of Daniel James Gomboc in
southwest Calgary.

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New right-of-entry bylaw is overkill

Power of entry is subject to a number of conditions and permit fees are costly A Star reader recently emailed me to say he was thinking of purchasing a property which is under construction but the seller told him that the neighbour is refusing access to his driveway...

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Buyers, check condo status certificates carefully

In the course of my real estate law practice in Toronto, I often review
condominium status certificates for purchasers. Usually this is a fairly routine
function, where the lawyer looks for arrears in common expense payments,
underfunded reserve funds, litigation by or against the condominium corporation,
special assessments and similar items which could impact on the purchaser or her
bank account.

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